KEEPERsport Varan7 Gamebreaker

The Varan7 family has a new addition to it: break the game with the new Varan7 Gamebreaker goalkeeper gloves. The Gamebreaker collection is the perfect choice for all goalkeepers who rely on the best grip, whether professional or amateur. You won't regret buying them. New features include but not limited to are the orange highlights, ultra-sticky professional adhesive foam and the perfect fit. The Gamebreaker collection turns your goalkeeping game into an experience!


Flexible gloves, great gloves

Choose between the extremely soft soft-tech body (STB) or knit body!


The extremely tight negative cut with integrated soft latex gussets, popular and unique hybrid cut or rollfinger? You pick

Pro adhesive foam

The 4mm pro palm offers the best grip directly OUT OF THE Box. Choose between 4mm Super Glue, 4mm Supreme Claw or 4mm Super White Claw.

Punching Zone

New 3D silicone elements offer full control when punching.



The new models

Introducing the brand new Varan7 Gamebreaker collection.

A plethora of goalkeeper glove models await you. Choose your glove model:

⊛  KEEPERsport Varan7Hero NCGamebreaker 
⊛  KEEPERsport Varan7Champ NCGamebreaker 
⊛  KEEPERsport Varan7 Champ Power Gamebreaker
⊛  KEEPERsport Varan7Champ GCGamebreaker 
⊛  KEEPERsport Varan7 Pro NCGamebreaker 
⊛  KEEPERsport Varan7 Premier NC Gamebreaker 
⊛  KEEPERsport Varan7 Challenge NC Gamebreaker 

The extremely successful Varan7 Gamechanger collection has received a fitting rival!

Pros play with Varan7

20 years of professional goalkeeping experience is packed into our glovse. Excessive testing with the help of both amateur and pro goalkeepers and thorough developement made this project possible. We take pride in finally being able to offer our new model for you all. Varan7 models with 4mm Super Glue and 4mm Supreme Claw palm foams.

How did Varan7 come to be?

You may ask yourself the question "Why?" or "How?" regarding the production of the Varan7 gloves. Find the answers below!

Our mission has always been to offer the ideals gloves for you. We have everything you need, whether you are a professional or amateur, young or old. The feel of wearing the perfect glove is unforgettable.

Proper glove care

Goalkeeper gloves are expensive. You best protect them to save money and prolong their lifespan. Protect the environment by makeing your gloves more durable. You can even prolong their grip!

I want to care for my gloves
What cuts are there?

Negative, roll finger and regular cuts are not the only cuts on the market. There are countless hybrid cuts available. Let us guide you through the maze of goalkeeper glove cuts.

Discover the cut for you
Is there such a thing as perfect adhesive foam?

There is a perfect palm foam for every surface and weather. Our palm foam guide will help you find your ideal goalkeeper glove foam!

What kind of palm foams are there?
Which glove model suits me?

Goalkeeper glove models are almost innumerable. The models differ in design, materials and above all: prices. We have created an overview of all Varan7 goalkeeper glove models for you.

Find out more about glove models



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