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After the successful launch of our first two Varan7 goalkeeper glove models, the Varan7 Champ NC Whiteout and the Varan7 Hero NC Blackout, we are finally letting our first entire collection shine in light. We proudly present our Varan7 Gamechanger collection. This collection comes with numerous models and different cut variants up to various adhesive foams so that something suitable can be found for each goalkeeper.


Whether in the Serie A, the German Bundesliga, the Austrian Bundesliga or in the first leagues of Croatia, France, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech RepublicSlovakia, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam - more than 150 goalkeepers are putting their stamp on their game with the new Varan7 professional goalkeeper gloves. The new goalkeeper gloves from KEEPERsport also make top European goalkeepers like Heinz Lindner from FC Basel, Lorenzo Montipo from Hellas Verona or Martin Fraisl from FC Schalke 04 better goalkeepers.


In the coming weeks and months, new silos and models from the Varan7 Gamechanger collection will be presented on an ongoing basis. You can find an overview of all models and their availability here:

Varan7 glove overview:

To help you choose your perfect Varan7 goalkeeper gloves, you will find a list of all silos, including the cut variants, adhesive foams and the corresponding classifications:

Delve into the history of Varan7

You may ask yourself the question "Why?" or "How?" regarding the production of the Varan7 gloves. Find the answers below!

Our mission has always been to offer the ideals gloves for you. We have everything you need, whether you are a professional or amateur, young or old. The feel of wearing the perfect glove is unforgettable. Listen to what Georg Heu, the founder of KEEPERsport has to say.

More support for you

Proper glove care


Don't toss your goalkeeper gloves carelessly into the washing machine after the game! The grip of new goalkeeper gloves is simply indescribable. A real dream for every goalkeeper! To ensure these grip properties last longer, we recommend checking out our glove care guide. Click here

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Which cut suits me best?

Let us guide you through the different glove cuts with the help of this guide
Are you familiar with all the goalkeeper glove cut variants? Let us help you explore the cuts beyond the regular, negative and rollfinger cut. Hybrid cuts are becoming more and more popular.

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Find your ideal palm foam using this guide

For most amateur and professional goalkeepers, the palm foam is the most important thing when it comes to goalkeeper gloves. Features are nice but at the end of the day, the grip is what it comes down to. To help you pick the best adhesive foam, we tried and tested the top palm foams of all our Varan7 goalkeeper glove models.

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