Proper glove care

Don't toss your goalkeeper gloves carelessly into the washing machine after the game! The grip of new goalkeeper gloves is simply indescribable. A real dream for every goalkeeper! To ensure these grip properties last longer, we recommend checking out our glove care guide.

Step 1 - Remove protective foil

To get the best out of your goalkeeper gloves, make sure to clean them before first use. Soap residue, that is a byproduct of production, may cover the surface of the gloves. For this reason the palm has to be cleaned with lukewarm water especially before the first use. This ensures that the gloves can perform at their peak.

If you gloves come with protective foil, rub the protective film of your new goalkeeper glove a few times to create let air between the foil and the palm. After you have poured in the lukewarm water, you can remove the foil from the glove more easily!

Care 1

Step 2 - thorough cleaning

Latex is an extremely fragile material. In order to achieve your optimal grip properties, use the Glove Cleaner before you use it for the first time and spray your goalkeeper glove 4-5 times with it. Rub the glove cleaner over the entire adhesive foam and then rinse the glove with lukewarm water. After squeezing, the gloves are ready for the next step.

Care 2

Step 3 - dry

In addition to cleaning, proper drying also plays an important role. It is best to hang your gloves from the fingers to prevent dirt and moisture from accumulating in the fingertips. The best way to do this is with a clip hanger: get a piece of paper or fabric between the hanger and gloves so that the palm would not get damaged.  Introducing the new GloveDry Buddy, your new best friend for glove drying .Your goalkeeper gloves will be dry and ready for the next training or match in about 12 hours.

Care 3

Step 4 - Remove dirt

Every keeper is aware of the fact that after a hard training session, dirt can stick in the palm. If warm water and glove cleaners don't make the stubborn dirt particles disappear, we recommend a microfiber cloth. This specially designed towel removes dirt and protects the palm from further damage. Warning: do not wash your goalkeeper gloves in the washing machine! Spinning can drastically shorten the lifespan of the gloves.

Care 4

Step 5 - wet weather

Every goalkeeper's nightmare: slipping ball due to wet weather. We have the perfect solution for you. Use the KEEPERsport Aqua Glue in the rain to have the perfect grip even in wet weather.  The water-repellent Aqua Glue improves your grip like hell in rain, snow or morning dew and does not even need drying time - just apply it and play.

Important: to prevent the aqua glue from stucking in the palm foam, clean your gloves with the glove cleaner after use.

Find out more about the Aqua Glue by clicking on the pics.

Care 5

Step 6 - palm abrasion

Small signs of wear and tear do not mean the end of your gloves. With the right tools and the right care, the gloves will serve you as perfect training gloves. Use one of the special Glove Glu products to ensure a strong grip on worn gloves. You may choose between the MegaGrip glove spray and a special grip stick, there is something for everyone.

Important: just like with the Aque Glue, cleaning with the Glove Cleaner is recommended after use

Care 4

Step 7 - proper storage

For perfect goalkeeper glove care it is not only important to properly clean the gloves, but also to store them ideally. External influences make the latex of your goalkeeper gloves stiff, porous and brittle. For this reason we recommend the KEEPERsport glove bags. Protect the base of your gloves from UV light.

Care 6

Step 8 - disinfect regularly

You can't not know about the importance of disinfection, especially nowadays. It is an important part of glove care, regardless of COVID. It is best to use a disinfectant spray and spray your top model with it on a regular basis. If you follow all these steps conscientiously, nothing stands in the way of a long-lasting grip!

Care 8

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