The go-to glove care

A goalkeeper must be in top shape to be able to leave the pitch as the winner. The same principle is also true for your goalkeeper gloves: To be the most effective, your glove also needs the right care. With these tips you can achieve the best grip for your goalkeeper gloves:

Simple cleaning

To get the best out of your goalkeeper gloves, make sure to clean them before first use. Soap residue, that is a byproduct of production, may cover the surface of the gloves. For this reason the palm has to be cleaned with lukewarm water especially before the first use. This ensures that the gloves can perform at their peak.


Latex is an extremely fragile material. For this reason, particularly careful care is essential for goalkeeper gloves. In order to achieve the best grip, dirt needs to be removed as quickly as possible. You can wash your gloves with warm water (max. 40 ° C) and a glove cleaner.

Hint: The quickest way is in the shower.

Stubborn dirt

Every keeper is aware of the fact that after a hard training session, dirt can stick in the palm. If warm water and glove cleaners don't make the stubborn dirt particles disappear, we recommend a microfiber cloth. This specially designed towel removes dirt and protects the palm from further damage. Warning: do not wash your goalkeeper gloves in the washing machine! Spinning can drastically shorten the lifespan of the gloves.

Wet gloves

Make sure to wash your gloves with warm water at least two hours before each use. This grants optimal grip, especially with special aqua adhesive foams. It is also important that the palm must not be too wet during the match, otherwise it will lose its grip.

Hint: Many professional goalkeepers use the KEEPERsport Aqua Glue in extremely wet conditions.

Proper drying

In addition to cleaning, proper drying also plays an important role. It is best to hang your gloves from the fingers to prevent dirt and moisture from accumulating in the fingertips. The best way to do this is with a clip hanger: get a piece of paper or fabric between the hanger and gloves so that the palm would not get damaged.  Introducing the new GloveDry Buddy, your new best friend for glove drying .Your goalkeeper gloves will be dry and ready for the next training or match in a few hours.

Proper storage

UV light makes the latex stiff, porous and brittle. We recommend you protecting your gloves from (sun)light! Goalkeeper bags offer proper protection against possible damage. They are the perfect solution for storage. They are also great for when you are on the road.

Worn palm

The softer and finer the adhesive foam of your glove is, the better its grip properties are, but also higher the natural abrasion. Even if your goalkeeper gloves show small traces of abrasion after a few games, you can use them without problems in training.

Enhance the grip

The secret ingredient is the "glove glu" spray which significantly increases the grip of all gloves. It works wonders especially on used goalkeeper gloves. Simply spray on three times before or during the game or training, and your gloves' grip will improve.

Before the first use

There are no words for the grip of brand new goalkeeper gloves. Every goalkeeper's dream ! How to make the grip last longer? With thorough cleaning before the first use.

Wash your new gloves with lukewarm water and the KEEPERsport Glove Cleaner. Use the GloveDry-Buddy for the drying process for at least 24 hours. That is how it is done. Get the most out of your goalkeeper gloves!

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