Especially before using the gloves for the first time they should be washed a few times with lukewarm water and then flushed. This is important for the removal of the unnecessary soap which is needed for the production of latex. The result is that the palm is not greasy anymore and the gloves are ready for use.


Latex is known as a very delicate material which needs a lot of care. Dirt is influencing the usability of the grip and needs to be removed as soon as possible. To do so you need to wash the palm with warm water (max. 40°C) and use the Glove Cleaner from KEEPERsport and flush it with water.


Special wet-weather Palms should be flushed with warm water (maximal 40°C) before every game. The additives are getting activated and then they guarantee ideal grip, especially at moisture conditions. It's also important to keep the gloves moist while playing.


Besides cleaning the gloves it is also important to dry them correctly. UV-light leads to a stiff and brittle latex. So keep the gloves away from too much sun and light from fluorescent light! To have perfect security you can use Goalkeeper bags.


The softer and more subtle the palm, the better the grip-attributes. But on the other hand soft gloves cause a higher abrasion. So it is important to know that the basic functions of the latex will be kept until the palm is worn to the total abrasion.


Our wonder spray, the GRIPreuilder is increasing every gloves grip, but especially the used ones are keeping their grip when using the spray. This KEEPERsport product is suitable for all Goalkeeper gloves on all weather conditions!

Glove Care

A goalkeeper always needs to be in top condition in order to leave the pitch as winner. The same applies to his gloves: To deliver a high-level performance, gloves require a lot of attention – also off the pitch. If you follow the hints below you can easily extend the lifespan of your gloves and make sure they reveal their full potential when you need it the most.