Which Cut fits me the most?

Tastes are different - even Goalkeepers have different tastes: The brand, Palm or Design is not the most important thing when it comes to Goalkeeper Gloves - the Cut is also a crucial factor of a successful Glove. Check out the different Cuts:


"Negative Cut" meets "Gunn Cut"! Innovative composition of two very popular and tight Cut's, which were tested and improved intensively by KEEPERsport. The feeling of the grip and the comfort is perfect. Additionally the fore finger and the little finger are protected with an extra palm layer.

Negative Cut

The "Negative Cut" is very tight and provides Palm fourchettes made of latex for ideal Grip and a very close contact with the ball. This cut is an invention of the legendary Jean-Marie Pfaffe and is still the number 1 cut of several professional Goalkeepers.

Gunn Cut (Rolled Fingers)

The Gunn Cut is the preferred cut of British and American Goalkeepers, but it's getting more popularity in Middle Europe as well. Despite the tightness of this cut, the catching area is still huge and so is the contact to the ball.

Regular/Flat Cut

This cut is Regular Version and it provides you a casual comfort. As an improvement we as KEEPERsport have added some palm to the fore finger and the little finger. In this case you have best grip even if your gloves get twisted!

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