Which cut suits me?

Let us explain the different cut variants with the help of the KEEPERsport Varan6

Do you know all the different goalkeeper glove styles? In addition to the classic cuts such as negative cut, regular cut and rolled finger cuts, there are also several variations of the increasingly popular hybrid cut. Lets look at these cuts with the help of the Varan6 gloves:

     >> Negative cut (NC)
     >> Rolled fingers - Gunn Cut (GC)
     >> Hybrid cut
     >> Regular cut (RC)

1. Negative cut

The popular negative cut is still the first choice of most professional keepers in Central Europe. This cut grants very close contact with the ball and prevents annoying slips of the fingertips at the same time. This effect is achieved with the help of textile or latex soft gussets. This makes these glove have a great grip feeling and excellent wearing comfort.

Fact: Gloves that have the negative cut are turned inside out during their production process. Visible seams are often considered disturbing. This is the reason why these gloves have hidden seams on the end product.

2. Gunn cut

As the name "roll finger" suggests, the adhesive foam rolls around the fingers in this cut. As a result, Gunn Cut gloves have not only a all round grip, but great damping against powerful shots. This must be the reason behind its popularity in the UK.

3. Hybrid cut

Varan6's hybrid cut is called Power cut. This cut is a hybrid of negative cut and gunn cut. A combinaton of the most popular glove models: textile or latex soft gussets on the index and middle fingers grant optimal fit without the annoying seams. To further increase the grip in every situation, latex wraps are integrated inside the index finger and outside the little finger.

4. Regular cut

The regular cut is the classic cut. Mesh sleeves sewn on the outside of the glove promise a loose fit. Some of the advantages are the larger catching area and better ventilation. But regular cuts do not offer a tight fit, which affects the grip feeling.

Note: Varan6 with regular cut is only available by creating your own glove with our Glove Creator

Need more?

Other brands such as adidas, NIKE or PUMA, have different cut variations. They are very similar in structure to the Varan6 cuts. You can filter gloves by cuts in our webshop.

Negative cut

Gunn cut

Hybrid cut

Regular cut