KEEPERsport size guide

New products often bring massive increases in performance. You need the right size to achieve your peak performance. Let us help you find the perfect size for you, be it: goalkeeper gloves, clothing or other equipment from KEEPERsport. We have the right size chart for you!

  • Goalkeeper gloves

    Measure from the tip of your middle finger down to the beginning of your palm as shown in the picture. Please note that this size guide was designed for KEEPERsport gloves. Other brands such as reusch, uhlsport or adidas may have other, slightly different glove cuts.

  • KEEPERsport apparel

    You couldn't wait for your order to arrive and now it does not fit. :( Make sure to use our KEEPERsport size guide. Find the right measurements for goalkeeper training tops, goalkeeper undershirts, goalkeeper jerseys and tops.

    Line "A" shows you the length of the bodice

    Line "B" shows your the length of the arms of long-sleeve shirts.

    All dimensions are in centimeters | cm

  • Knee guards

    Measure the circumference of your knee as shown in the picture (about 15 cm below the center of the kneecap). Make sure the knee is slightly bent (approx. 30° bend).

  • Elbow guards

    Measure the circumference of your elbow as shown in the picture. Make sure your elbow is slightly bent (approx. 30° bend).


    Size S:
    Diameter: 16 cm
    Circumference: 50 cm

    Size M:
    Diameter: 17 cm
    Circumference: 53,4 cm

    Size L:
    Diameter:. 18,5 cm
    Circumference: 58 cm

    Size XL:
    Diameter: 20 cm
    Circumference: 62 cm