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KEEPERsport is the NUMBER ONE goalkeeper expert

You aren't just one of eleven players. Being a goalkeeper means sweat & joy, tears & responsibility. You will struggle and you will feel pain. You will know what victory feels like and you will experience defeat. You will save amazing shots and be the hero of your team and you will make mistakes that will cost you the victory. It is the pure passion that connects us! We want you to have the best equipment to grant you the best chances at being the HERO of your team as many times as possible

We have over 600 goalkeeper gloves to choose from. You can choose between cuts such as the popular negative cut, the classic regular cut, the special roll finger cut or one of the many hybrid cuts that best fit your situation. Choose between finger support or no finger support. Choose the best gloves for beginners, kids, amateurs or pros. The best and most popular brands can all be found in our online shop. Browse adidas, PUMA, NIKE, KEEPERsport, uhlsport, rehab, t1tan, reusch, Sells, and many more. We have over 1100 football boots and 800 textiles not only for goalkeepers. Goalkeepers can choose padded and unpadded goalkeeper baselayers and jerseys, pants & underwear, training equipment and everything a goalkeeper can ever need. We have everything a goalkeeper's heart beats faster to. And all of it for reasonable prices!