9 Tips for goalkeepers in rainy and wet conditions!

Every goalkeeper knows the feeling: it's been raining all day before an important game, the field is wet, and the ball moves at lightning speed. And then it happens: the ball slips through your fingers on what seemed like an easy shot, and you score an own goal. It's a very embarrassing moment for all of us, whether you're an amateur goalkeeper or a professional like Manuel Neuer or Thibaut Courtois. But we'll show you 9 tips on how to best prevent "slippery fingers" and confidently dominate your box even in the rain.

Ps.: We also have the 4 most valuable tips for goalkeepers on icy game days - check out how you can best protect yourself from snow and cold!

Tip #1

The right clothing for rain and wet conditions

The right equipment is essential for goalkeepers, especially in the winter with cold and snow, and in warmer temperatures with rain and wetness. Of course, the right clothing is a part of the proper equipment. It's important for us goalkeepers to wear water-resistant and warm material while not being restricted in our mobility and flexibility. Unfortunately, both points can often not be met, and we're either soaking wet or feel particularly stiff after a while. We have the solution for you:

  • KEEPERsport GK Top Regskin

    The KEEPERsport Regskin collection is the perfect clothing for rainy training sessions! The Regskin material on the belly and back's outer surface keeps you dry even in the most adverse conditions. The breathable mesh material inside the jacket prevents sweating. With the new short-sleeved Regskin top, you now have full freedom of movement. It can be combined perfectly with goalkeeper underwear, and the short sleeves protect the sensitive seam under the armpits.

Tip #2

The right goalkeeper gloves for rain and wet conditions

In addition to the right clothing, the right goalkeeper gloves are also important for a goalkeeper's equipment in rainy conditions.

Who doesn't know it? The pitch is wet and a seemingly harmless long-range shot becomes an insurmountable obstacle and slips through the hands. Even top professionals like Manuel Neuer or Thibaut Courtois have experienced these situations painfully themselves. But there are ideal solutions for guaranteeing a perfect grip even in extremely wet conditions.

  • KEEPERsport Varan7 Champ NC Aqua

    Be afraid of wet weather no more! The Varan7 Champ NC Aqua was specially developed for intense games and training. The top secret weapon of goalkeepers agains slippery fingers. The Varan7 Champ NC Aqua featuring its amazing 4mm Aqua Claw grants you the confidence you needs. Find out more aqua gloves here.

Tip #3

The right football boots for rainy and wet conditions

The same goes for our feet as for our hands: slipping is prohibited!!

The right football boots and in particular the right sole, are incredibly important for us goalkeepers. If you lose control over your balance just before the opponent's shot or even slip and fall, in most cases a goal cannot be avoided. Therefore, make sure to use so-called soft ground (SG) shoes on wet and soaked fields. The screw-in studs provide the best grip on deep surfaces and prevent unwanted slipping or even falling.

Tip #4

The right supplementary products for rain and wet conditions

In addition to the points described above, we also recommend using various supplementary products in wet conditions that can enhance grip in the rain. Grip enhancers, Aqua Glue & Co can extract that extra one or two percent, especially in the mental aspect, and be a real game changer for your performance.

  • KEEPERsport Aqua Glue

    The KEEPERsport Aqua Glue is an absolute innovation for the entire Goalkeeping. After several researches and evaluations of trials in the amateur, semi-professional and especially with the professional goalkeepers we were finally able to create a special "Glue" which will increase the grip of your goalkeeper gloves especially on wet weather conditions. Plus, it is water repellent at pouring rain.

    Keep putting a small amount of that glue on the palm. Little suggestion: try not to get too much of th glue because it could influence the impact and the results. IMPORTANT: Wash your gloves after every use.

Tip #5

Keep your backup gloves ready!

Rain is good, but too much wetness could become a problem for any goalkeeper glove over time. If your goalkeeper glove becomes soaked with water due to extreme wetness and heavy rain, the increased weight often leads to a reduced reaction speed. Therefore, always keep a spare pair of your Aqua goalkeeper gloves ready that you can use in case of emergency!

Storage: In our KEEPERbag, you will find extra space in the Glove Area for a second or even third pair of goalkeeper gloves. Or simply store your goalkeeper gloves in our Glove Bags!

Tip #6

Additional equipment during the game!

Additional equipment that you can use during your game is also important for optimal preparation for games in wet conditions. We highly recommend keeping a towel, your aqua Glueand other productsin or near your goal that you may need regularly. If you notice that the Aqua Glue is wearing off and you're losing grip, simply reapply it!

Tip #7

The most important secret weapon: Your attitude!

"Success in football depends heavily on the mind. You have to believe that you are the best and then make sure that it is really true." (Bill Shankly, Manager Liverpool FC)

Don't let your opponents or environmental conditions unsettle you. No rain, snow, hail or storm can make you a worse goalkeeper, and your opponent must feel that attitude. Whether it's sunny or stormy, you remain an insurmountable obstacle! Train your mental attitude and decide the game before it even starts!

Tip #8

Apply Aqua Glue to the match ball!

As keepers, we must know how to help ourselves. Not only can we make our gloves stickier, but we can also apply grip enhancers to the ball we want to catch. Therefore, transfer some of your Aqua Glue or other grip enhancersto the match ball and smear it with it.

Tip #9

Don't destroy your penalty area and warm up next to the goal!

Our last tip: try to spend as little time as possible in your penalty area before the game to avoid further damaging the already softened ground. Otherwise, you run the risk of balls bouncing uncontrollably right in front of you and becoming a real danger. Therefore, move your warm-up program next to the goal!

Priceless tips for the cold winter months!

In the cold winter months, when rain and wetness often turn into snow and icy cold, we goalkeepers are faced with additional challenges. But even here, we have answers and offer you important itips for a goalkeeper's winter

Don't let the external conditions throw you off track and equip yourself perfectly against rain, snow, wetness or cold.