KEEPERsport RegSkin

RegSkin High-Tech-Material for goalkeepers

There is no such thing as bad weather for real goalkeepers. Just bad choice of clothing. The proven RegSkin material has optimal moisture management system. The inside is kept always dry and warm. On the outside, however, it is waterproof and, above all, windproof. This protects you from the harshest of weather conditions. KEEPERsport training pants do not fall under the category of "normal training wear". The pants are specially designed to the requirements of team and goalkeeper training. Years of development in cooperation with amateur and professional goalkeepers made this product happen!

Further technical details:

No more additional burden to carry in wet conditions

Every goalkeeper that has trained in the rain knows the feeling of carrying the unnecessary extra weight that rainwater on your clothing puts on you. No more extra burden with the RegSkin products from KEEPERsport!
Thanks to its waterproof properties, no water can get in!

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Training Raintop

We present you the revised Training Raintop from KEEPERsport! The modern cut consists of the high-quality RegSkin material. It is breathable, wind- and water-proof - and a warm, thanks to the mesh material inside. All these characteristics grant this raintop excellent breathability! It even keeps you dry and warm in the most harsh weather conditions.

The waterproof, short zipplock on the collar makes putting on and taking off goalkeeper gloves very easy.  The optimized cut, like the durable collar offers improved protection against moisture and dirt. The elastic material makes it easier for children to put on.

Take a closer look at the Raintop training:

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GK Pants BasicPappded Regskin

No weather condition can withstand the RegSkin material that is also used in KEEPERsport 3/4 goalkeeper pants! Optimal knee and hip procetion is granted due to anatomically placed foam padding (Basic-padded level)

Wanna train like the pros? KEEPERsport's training textiles make you able to! You can find out more about the RegSkin technology in the material tab. Read on now:

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RegSkin goalkeeper items

RegSkin KEEPERsport

Aqua goalkeeper gloves

Complete your rain outfit with aqua goalkeeper gloves. We have a huge selection of goalkeeper gloves that were specially designed for rainy weather. Choose your model now and prepare yourself to battle the rain with ease!

KEEPERsport Aqua Glue

KEEPERsport Aqua Glue

How to cheat rain! If it is really too damp for your goalkeeper gloves, with the KEEPERsport Aqua Glue you always have the emergency plan ready. Whether morning dew, rain or snow. With the Aqua Glue from KEEPERsport you have perfect contact with the ball even when it is wet!

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