RegSkin High Tech goalkeeper textiles

The proven RegSkin material has optimal moisture management system. The inside is kept always dry and warm. On the outside, however, it is waterproof and, above all, windproof. This protects you from the harshest of weather conditions. Find out more here.

How does it work?


Every goalkeeper that has trained in the rain knows the feeling of carrying the unnecessary extra weight that rainwater on your clothing puts on you. No more extra burden with the RegSkin products from KEEPERsport!
Thanks to its waterproof properties, no water can get in!


  • Innovation in the goalkeeper world

    The KEEPERsport GK Raintop s/s allows you to train at the highest level possible in wet weather due to a mix of quality fabrics and outstanding wearing comfort. Designed by goalKEEPERs, this product will not only ensure you step on the pitch with style, it will also bring out your best performance.

    RegSkin has a big advantage over normal polyester textiles. The material does not absorb water or moisture, you'll be always dry and the piece of clothing will not get any heavier. Excellent quality of life improvement over other textiles. Here goes to finding out more about RegSkin.


The KEEPERsport Training Top RegSkin is your go-to trainig top when it comes to wet weather. The modern cut consists of the high-quality RegSkin material. It is breathable, wind- and water-proof - and a warm, thanks to the mesh material inside. All these characteristics grant this top excellent breathability! It even keeps you dry and warm in the most harsh weather conditions.

GK Pants BasicPadded Regskin

Want to train like the pros? It is easier than ever with the KEEPERsport training textiles, like the KEEPERsport Pants BasicPadded 3/4
In a completely new and modern design, we are launching the new training collection with easily recognisable design, which were also used in the KEEPERsport functional underwear. In addition, the improved cut solutions with breathable inserts ensure a comfortable fit in all weather conditions.
You are simply unbeatable on soft grass with the BasicPadded series. The anatomically placed foam padding is made from the highest quality foam and grants you protection. "ANNUALskin" ensures a comfortable and perfect wearing in all weather conditions. Specially designed cuffs on the sleeves, thighs and hip with all-round #KeepItAll lettering ensure a perfect fit at all times.

RegSkin goalkeeper products




The KEEPERsport Varan7 Champ NC Aqua goalkeeper glove was specially designed for wet weather. The 4mm Aqua Claw adhesive foam will stick to every ball, no escape! Choose the Varan7 Champ Aqua and concentrate fully on the match, leave the saving to the glove.


Gloves to use in wet weather! Choose your goalkeeper glove model with special adhesive foam for rainy conditions made by KEEPERsport, PUMA, reusch or other brands.



KEEPERsport Aqua Glue

The KEEPERsport Aqua Glue is an absolute innovation for the entire Goalkeeping. After several researches and evaluations of trials in the amateur, semi-professional and especially with the professional goalkeepers we were finally able to create a special "Glue" which will increase the grip of your goalkeeper gloves especially on wet weather conditions. Plus, it is water repellent at pouring rain.



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