Welcome to your personal goalkeeper equipment guide!

For both seasoned keepers and newcomers alike, our blog serves as a guide to the essential gear of 2024. Discover the key items and unleash their potential to elevate your performance on the field.

Goalkeeper gloves - the heart of the goalkeeper!

They are the essence of every goalkeeper and undoubtedly the most important piece of equipment. When searching for the ideal goalkeeper gloves, several criteria are crucial:

  • » What surface do you play on in training or matches?
  • » What is your budget for goalkeeper gloves?
  • » What technical details are important to you when choosing your gloves?
  • » What visual elements are particularly important to you?

The KEEPERsport Varan7 goalkeeper gloves offer the best solution for all needs. We've compiled a best-of list to make your search easier!

In the KEEPERsport goalkeeper gloves range, there are many different silos. They differ in their technical features, price points, and appearance. To give you a better overview of the different silos, simply click on the link below!

Equipment - essential goalkeeper gear!

Whether it's care products, bags and storage options, or training aids, the modern goalkeeper stands out primarily for their attention to detail, becoming a unique part of any team. Many of your products require the right care to remain durable. This is especially reflected in your wallet. We'll show you which products you need as a goalkeeper to stay up to date!

Underwear - the best protection for goalkeepers!

On average, a goalkeeper meets the ground about 150 times per training session. Considering that many of us have about three training sessions during the week plus a match on the weekend, one can roughly imagine how much strain our body regions around the hips or elbows endure. Therefore, the right protection for us goalkeepers is all the more important! Don't let annoying abrasions or avoidable injuries prevent your training. We provide you with an overview of the most important and best underwear textiles!

Tops - essential for your training!

On top of your underwear, you still need the right top, which not only protects your underwear from wearing out too quickly but also protects and warms you on rainy or stormy days. Always remember: many injuries unfortunately occur only when the body is cooled down - don't let it get that far!

Bottoms - Protect your hips and knees!

Whether padded or not, goalkeeper pants are still very neglected by many goalkeepers and are generally underrated in the industry. Look for your favorite pants that provide enough freedom of movement as well as protection for sensitive areas like hips or knees. Click here to find out more!

Goalkeeper sets - Become the center of attention in training or matches!

Now all you need is the visual completion of your outfit. With the right goalkeeper set, all eyes will be on you during the game entrance. Whether it's a match jersey or a training set including goalkeeper pants, there's something here for everyone!

Kids/Junior - Everything at a glance for our youngest players

With the abundance of products available, finding the right orientation can be overwhelming. That's why we've filtered out all the products for YOU, from goalkeeper gloves to the right textiles, specifically tailored to the requirements and needs of children and teenagers. Click here and nothing will stand in the way of the perfect training sessions or matches!