Are you still unsure which goalkeeper glove model is right for you? Don't worry - we'll help you find the perfect glove!

Discover the special features of our new Game Over collection, which offers you a wide range of models. The Game Over Pack includes a total of 7 different glove models:
Varan7 Hero NC, Varan7 Champ NC, Varan7 Champ GC, Varan7 Champ Power, Varan7 Pro NC, Varan7 Premier NC and Varan7 Challenge NC. Each model has been specifically tailored to the needs of professional and amateur goalkeepers to ensure the best possible performance and comfort. Be inspired by the individual characteristics of each model and choose the one that perfectly suits your play style and needs.


    The Varan7 Hero NC from the Game Over Pack is a dynamic and comfortable goalkeeper glove with unbeatable grip. The 4mm Super Glue in black offers a strong professional grip formula with grip elements for the best hold in all weather conditions. The popular negative cut ensures a tight ball contact without any annoying seams. The glove is made of super flexible knitted material and offers high freedom of movement. With the 3D silicone punching zone, you have full control when punching at any time. Get the Varan7 Hero NC goalkeeper glove now for ultimate performance on the field!


    Varan7 Champ NC Game Over - the ultimate end of the Varan7 era!
    As a goalkeeper, top-notch grip is essential. That's why we developed the 4mm Supreme Claw, an extra strong professional adhesive foam that provides you with incredible grip under all weather conditions. You will be instantly thrilled and showcase outstanding performances on the field. Don't wait any longer, get the Varan7 Champ NC to dominate the game!


    The Varan7 Champ Power glove features the emerging Hybrid Cut, a perfect combination of the popular Negative Cut (NC) and Rollfinger Cut (GC). The high-quality Soft-Tech-Body material makes the glove incredibly soft, comfortable, and flexible.

    An outstanding grip is essential for every goalkeeper - and this glove delivers just that! The newly developed 4mm Super White Claw provides you with the ultimate grip, no matter the weather conditions. The innovative 3D elements in the Punching Zone guarantee a secure punch deflection in every situation. Get ready to fall in love with the Hybrid model from the Game Over collection and elevate your game to a whole new level!


    If you are a goalkeeper who loves the Rollfinger cut, then the Varan7 Champ GC from the new Game Over pack is the perfect choice for you! This glove is not only super flexible but also breathable and offers an all-around great wearing feeling. Thanks to the popular Rollfinger cut (GC), you get excellent cushioning and a round feeling when touching the ball. The sticky 4mm Super Glue in black ensures the best grip in any weather.

    This model makes goalkeepers better and helps you take your game to the next level.


    With the Varan7 Pro NC from the new Game Over collection, you are perfectly equipped as a goalkeeper. The close-fitting negative cut (NC) provides a unique ball and wearing sensation. Thanks to the 4mm White Claw professional adhesive foam, you have a durable glove that offers you great grip.

    The Latex Punching Zone, which goes up to the fingertips, gives you a particularly secure feeling when punching. Many professional goalkeepers trust this model. If you are looking for a goalkeeper glove that gives you the highest level of ball and wearing sensation and supports you in every situation on the field, then the Varan7 Pro NC Game Over is the perfect choice for you.


    The Varan7 Premier NC from the new Game Over collection is the ideal goalkeeper glove for your goalkeeper training. The 4mm Claw adhesive foam is abrasion-resistant and therefore particularly durable. This makes it a particularly valuable training glove!

    The negative cut (NC) fits closely to the fingers and provides great ball feel. This glove is particularly convincing with an incredible price-performance ratio. If you are looking for a durable, comfortable and affordable training glove, then the Varan7 Premier NC from the Game Over Pack is the right choice!


    Level up your goalkeeping game with the unstoppable Varan7 Challenge NC from the Game Over collection! Unleash the champion within as you train fearlessly with this ultra-durable glove by your side. No more worrying about wear and tear - its abrasion-resistant adhesive foam ensures this glove can handle the most intense training sessions without breaking a sweat.

    Join the ranks of the pros who swear by its unmatched quality and performance during team training. While some gloves prioritize grip, the Varan7 Challenge NC knows that improving your catching technique is the key to becoming a true goalkeeping maestro. Embrace this glove, and let your training sessions ignite your skills like never before!

    So, are you ready to step up your game? Grab the Varan7 Challenge NC and dominate the field with confidence!

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