The popular negative cut (NC) in the Varan7 Pro Game of Power ensures a particularly tight feel when making contact with the ball. It prevents annoying slipping of the fingertips.


The extra-wide neoprene cuff provides you with optimal support and stability for your wrist, thus relieving your active muscles and preventing annoying wrist injuries.


The Soft-Body-Tech material of the glove body fully adapts to the shape of your hand. This provides you with a comfortable wearing experience!


The "4mm White Claw" provides excellent grip. Slightly moisten the adhesive foam before use and you will get even more grip. With this goalkeeper glove, you will feel like a pro!

You'll feel like a pro with these

The Varan7 Pro NC Game of Power guarantees you a perfect all-around package with a best-price guarantee! For many goalkeepers, especially in the amateur sector, the Pro NC is the best solution. With its strong grip of the 4mm White Claw and great fit, this goalkeeper glove offers an unbeatable deal in comparison to other gloves on the market. See for yourself and simply try it out!

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Da wir dieses Torwarthandschuhmodell auf absolutes Profiniveau gehoben haben, gibt es für den Varan7 Hero NC kein Finger-Unterstützungssystem. 

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