Still undecided on which goalkeeper glove model is right for you? Don't worry, here you'll discover the unique features of all the new models in the Game of Power collection, so you can find the perfect glove for you with 100% confidence!
The new Game of Power Pack includes 7 different glove models:Varan7 Hero NC, Varan7 Champ NC, Varan7 Champ GC, Varan7 Champ Power, Varan7 Pro NC, Varan7 Premier NC and the Varan7 Challenge NC. Each model has been tailored to meet the specific needs of both professional and amateur goalkeepers.

  • Varan7 Hero NC

    The Varan7 Hero NC is our absolute top-of-the-line model. It's crafted from the best materials with the highest quality standards in mind. This glove is worn by most professionals during games, and it's perfect when it comes to giving it your all, as it offers the absolute best grip. The Varan7 Hero is available in the popular negative cut (NC), which provides a lot of feeling when touching the ball and fits snugly around your fingers.

  • Varan7 Champ NC

    The Varan7 Champ NC is also one of our top models. Many professionals throughout Europe rely on this model. It's crafted with the utmost attention to quality, so you can hold an absolute top-of-the-line glove in your hands. This model combines incredible grip with a great feeling while wearing it. The negative cut (NC) provides a lot of feeling when touching the ball. With this model, you're well-equipped!

  • Varan7 Champ Power

    The Varan7 Champ Power is the goalkeeper glove for those who love the hybrid cut. This cut is marked with "Power" on our models. The special feature of this cut is that it combines the two most popular glove cuts (negative cut and roll finger cut). Latex soft gussets on the index and middle fingers provide an optimal fit without any annoying seams. Functional adhesive foam overlays are incorporated on the index finger and little finger, promising the best possible grip in every situation.

  • Varan7 Champ GC

    With the Varan7 Champ GC, you make the right choice if you love the Roll Finger cut. In this cut, the adhesive foam literally rolls around the fingers. As a result, this Gunn Cut model not only offers a "round grip feeling", but also great cushioning for particularly sharp shots. Perhaps that's why this variant is so popular on the British Isles.

  • Varan7 Pro NC

    The Varan7 Pro NC is a classic model that convinces with a great price-performance ratio. But many professionals also rely on this glove. The Varan7 Pro is available in the popular negative cut (NC), which promises you a lot of ball feeling. The adhesive foam provides good grip and is quite abrasion-resistant under dry conditions. An all-around great and affordable model!

  • Varan7 Premier NC

    The Varan7 Premier NC is the perfect goalkeeper glove for training or beginners. In goalkeeper training, durability is more important than the best grip, as it improves catching security. That's why many professionals trust this model for their training. Moreover, this glove impresses with an incredible price-performance ratio. As a training glove, this model convinces in every aspect.

  • Varan7 Challenge NC

    The Varan7 Challenge NC is the right choice for your goalkeeper training. Especially in training, you need a higher number of goalkeeper gloves. The negative cut foam is even more abrasion-resistant, making the glove more durable. The demand for an affordable goalkeeper glove with high quality has been growing in recent years. With the special design of the Varan7 Challenge, we have created a great goalkeeper glove for kids and beginners. Even professional goalkeepers use these gloves in team training during shooting exercises.



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