Watch compatibility

The biggest headache for keeper coaches is now history thanks to the Varan8 Zone RC Coach! With its strap-free, ultra-short cut, you'll never struggle to wear your watch during training sessions again. Keep your eyes on the clock and stay on top of your game – your coach will thank you!

Swift and easy entry

Slipping your gloves on and off is essential as a coach. No worries! The extra elastic entry makes it effortless and saves you time and hassle. This model offers no cuff and no strap for swift and easy entry.

One glove... four decisions

The Varan8 Zone RC Coach will help you get your keepers to the next level. By displaying one of the glove's 4 colors, you can give your keeper a signal. Use it for warm-ups, pre-orientation drills, or setting targets during game plays. Your creativity knows no bounds.

Ideal cut for you

The backhand is all latex, and the glove features the traditional Regular Cut for optimal comfort and performance.