The new secret weapon of Unai Simon & Co!

For fans of the popular Reusch Pure Contact series, the year could not start any better. The goalkeeper specialists at reusch already caught attention with the new Attrakt models. Not less than three different silos are hitting the market with the new Pure Contact collection. In addition to the very clean Blackout model "Infinity," you can now also get the new goalkeeper gloves of Unai Simon, "Fusion," or the Strapless variant "Gold X."

Get your favorite piece now and kick off the new year in style!

  • Reusch Pure Contact Fusion

    The new Reusch Pure Contact Fusion promises excellent grip in all weather conditions. With the Reusch Grip Fusion, you can rely on it whether it's sunny or challenging conditions like rain or snow.

    The Hybrid Negative Cut, wrapping around the index finger and pinky, ensures outstanding ball control and fits like a glove"

    The upper hand is crafted from neoprene, guaranteeing a snug fit, further reinforced by the latex-neoprene strap at the wrist.

  • Reusch Pure Contact Gold X Strapless

    In contrast to the Pure Contact Fusion, the Gold X Strapless is crafted with Reusch Grip Gold X latex foam, delivering a premium grip that promises outstanding grip..

    At the heart of this glove lies the "Strapless" construction. Enthusiasts of strapless goalkeeper gloves will find great satisfaction here. Both putting on and taking off the gloves is effortlessly simple, yet the wrist is noticeably supported by the "Adaptive Flex Closure System." Maximum freedom with excellent stability!

    The cut, much like the Pure Contact Fusion, is a Hybrid Negative Cut, snugly fitting around the index and pinky fingers.

  • Reusch Pure Contact Infinity

    Attention, fans of black! Introducing the Reusch Pure Contact Infinity, a fusion of state-of-the-art technologies presented in a sleek and sophisticated black design.

    True to its name, the Reusch Grip Infinity latex foam boasts exceptional durability, specifically tailored for goalkeepers navigating artificial turf or other challenging surfaces. Nevertheless, rest assured that a reliable grip is always at your fingertips!

    Additionally, the glove features a Hybrid Negative Cut, providing you with the utmost comfort and optimal fit!