ProjectV6 Review

from the goalkeeper glove guru on the social himself! 
Alberto Ruiz is the owner of the famous channels of ARS Goalkeeping and albertoruizsoccer on social media. He has been evaluating goalkeeper gloves from brands all over the world for 7 years now. This time we were allowed to become part of his success story. After an independent and really unaffected test phase of 2 months Alberto could give us a first feedback about the gloves, which definitely made us proud: 

"The ProjectV6 prototypes of the very first Varan6 are my absolute favourite Negative Cut goalkeeper gloves with EVER!" 

The high durability and the great grip of our "Black Claws 4mm" surprised him as much that he almost fell in love with the new goalkeeper gloves. What else did he say? Take a look at the video yourself:

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