Madness? … This. Is. KEEPERsport!

Prepare for glory

Prepare for Glory
A Spartan fights on his own, but he fights for the man by his side. A goalkeeper stands in the goal alone, still he is a part – if not the most important one – of the team. For a Spartan man courage, tradition and honour come first. Sparta doesn't bend or knuckle down. Sparta is strong, it fights giganitic armies and emerges victorious. A great goalkeeper doesn't bend or knuckle down. He dosn't have 300 men to fight 11 players. Still he emerges victorious from the battle. Like a Spartan emperor a great goalkeeper would not bite his lip in front of his opponent but he would lay it on the line and fight for what is his passion.


The Spartan's symbol, which you can also find on most KEEPERsport apparel is called Lambda: The 11th letter of the Greek Alphabet L. It stood for the Spartan hoplites as a synonym for "Lacedaemonians", which was used for this nation. Semiotically Lambda stands for strength and independence.

Tonight we keep it all

We are goalkeepers! We are warriors! What we do is our passion. We are not just manufacturers and suppliers but KEEPERs. That's why we know exactly what our customers need. And that is how we stand at the end of the pitch, looking the enemy right in the eye. Confident of victory and swollen with pride in the name of Lambda we roar at the top of our lungs, "Tonight we KEEP IT ALL!"