reusch Freccia

- the arrow is back!

Inspired by the past, engineered for the future!Get ready for a very special glove model, combining the revolutionary technical approach of the Pure Contact gloves with the iconic design of the Reusch history - the arrow!

For more than a decade it was the symbol of Reusch, a sign that was synonymous with titles and successes. World Cups, Champions Leagues, European Cups as well as countless league titles were won by legendary Reusch goalkeepers, all wearing the iconic arrow symbol on their backhand.

Now, 16 years after the arrow's last World Cup triumph by Brazil's Marcos Reis back in 2002, it is still an inseparable part of the Reusch history and has inspired countless goalkeepers all over the world. One of them was a Slovenian teenager working hard to fulfil his dream in becoming a professional goalkeeper. His name: Samir Handanovič. Today he is among the world-elite of goalkeeping, playing for one of Europe's most prestigious teams and simply living his dream. The Inter goalkeeper was the one inspiring us to reawaken the glorious arrow design. It was his wish to have the arrow on top of on one of the most revolutionary glove models of the last years, the Pure Contact, combining ultimate lightness, grip, flexibility and breathability.

"The Arrow is finally back again! The symbol of my childhood memory."
Samir Handanovič, FC Internazionale // Serie A