Pure Contact 2021

Die Torwarthandschuhe aus den Pure Contact Kollektionen waren durch ihre hervorragende Passform schon immer einen Schritt voraus. Die dritte Generation ist aber noch flexibler, leichter und trageangenehmer als je zuvor. Die Torwarthandschuhe passen sich so ergonomisch an deine Hand an, wie kein anderes Produkt zuvor.

Die reusch Pure Contact Handschuhe 2021 sind in zwei unvergleichbaren Varianten für Kinder und Erwachsene im KEEPERsport Onlineshop verfügbar. Willst du den besten Grip (Gelb) oder lange Haltbarkeit (Schwarz)? 
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Exclusive #KsEdtions

Admittedly, we are really big fans of the reusch Pure Contact goalkeeper gloves. We decided - together with reusch - that we are going to offer some special models in the unique KEEPERsport style.

The exclusively designed special goalkeeper gloves represent the best materials and highest functionality. This bang-for-the-buck champion gets you the highest professional quality.

These special models from the Pure Contact collections are exclusive available from KEEPERsport. The technical finetuning of the third generation of Pure Contact Special Editions is easy to spot: even more flexible, lighter and more comfortable than ever before. Choose your model:

Pure Contact 3

The third generation of the Pure Contact collection has enhanced the second skin technology. The reusch Pure Contact goalkeeper gloves have always been one step ahead of the competition. The third gen. has goten improvements in almost every aspect: they have gotten even more flexible, lighter and more comfortable to wear.

The brand new design, the innovative technology, and a revised cut add something special to this new collection. The goalkeeper gloves adapt ergonomically to your hand like no other product before.

More than 220 pro goalkeepers trust reusch

It is no wonder that countless world-class professionals such as Hugo Lloris, Wojciech Szczesny, Samir Handanovic and Jiri Pavlenka, trust goalkeeper gloves from reusch. Follow the example of the 220 reusch goalkeepers in the world's highest leagues and choose your Pure Contact model now!


Gore-Tex - 100% Windproof


The completely renewed shape of the 3D elements made the SpeedBump sharper and higher. The new version of this innovative adhesive foam makes sure that you get even more tactility and a higher frictional force between the glove and the ball.

Based on the high-quality and sticky G3 Ultra Soft foam, this 3D latex guarantees maximum grip in all weather conditions. There is more: what is great grip without abrasion resistance? This G3 Ultra Soft has also reliable abrasion resistance. Compared to conventional smooth latex surfaces, the 3D shape offers increased friction for a better overall grip and control.