The goalkeeper-specific training ball has been a must-have for every reaction training for years. In top clubs such as FC Liverpool, FC Barcelona, Manchester City or the English national team, the response ball has become an indispensable part of daily goalkeeper training!

What makes this ball so special?
Admittedly, at first glance the response ball looks like a normal football. But behind it there is an ingenious weight system developed for goalkeepers. This irregular distribution of the weight enables the irregular changes of the flight path. Whether thrown or shot. No matter whether on (artificial) grass or at the ash field. No matter whether young goalkeeper talents or experienced goalkeepers. With these unpredictable jumps and movements, every goalkeeper must remain 100% focused.

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How can you integrate the response ball into your goalkeeper training?
As mentioned at the beginning, this reaction ball is suitable for all ages. Available in sizes 4 & 5, it is ideal for young goalkeepers and also provides a variety for experienced goalkeepers. In addition to reaction training, you can also use the Response Ball for exercises in football technique, speed, coordination or to improve your catching technique. It simply brings variety and fun into your training sessions! Watch the training video and let yourself be inspired:

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