PUMA Ultra Chasing Adrenaline

PUMA Chasing Adrenaline


Speed is in our DNA. Forever first. Forever fast. Forever the difference between first and second, glory and defeat, us and them. In August 2020 we widen the gap. Introducing the World’s fastest boot. ULTRA.

Worn on-pitch by our leading gamechangers; Antoine Griezmann, Sergio Agüero and Nikita Parris. ULTRA combines engineered woven MATRYXEVO upper and lightweight SpeedUnit outsole for direct, forward motion speed and acceleration.

PUMA Ultra

Forever first. Forever fast.
Forever the difference between first and second, fame and defeat, us and them. The gap will be widened in August 2020. PUMA presents the fastest and lightest silo in the world. Bernd Leno, Antoine Griezmann and Steve Mandanda will wear the brand new and innovative products on the pitch.

Adrenaline is the fuel that moves you, making you faster, react quicker and put everything into that shot, pass, dribble or tackle.
Adrenaline heightens your senses and instincts on the pitch, as energy courses through your veins, preparing you for battle and boosting the ability to react.

ULTRA goalkeeper gloves

ULTRA gloves

PUMA ULTRA Grip 1 Hyprid Pro


The flagship of the PUMA Ultra collection sets the bar ULTRA high with its ultra-thin glove body made of flexible neoprene material. The so-called "Airzon" on the thumb grants optimal air circulation in hot situations. In addition to this, it also leads to an optimal fit & prevents unwantented slipping.
Thanks to the 4mm thick superior grip, you are geared up for any weather conditions. The durable adhesive foam, the negative cut & gunn cut hybrid - called the Semi Gunn cut - gives you a rounded feel for the ball. The exclusive PUMA cut is particularly popular among many professional goalkeepers.

More information about the goalkeeper glove:

ultra techsheet

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The latest technology combined with the removable finger protection helps you to survive every advance the opposing team has to offer. The so-called FLEXTEC technology, which Bernd Leno also uses frequently, reduces the stress on the finger joints and ensures improved comfort and greater flexibility.

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The top model Grip 5.1 Hybrid is one of the most modern goalkeeper gloves ever. There are a number of reasons for this. The light and extremely flexible, knit glove body. The specially designed zip system is placed on the side when slipping in, thus replacing the traditional flap. This guarantees every goalkeeper (whether wide or narrow wrist) the optimal fit. And these are only just a few points why this glove is particularly popular with young goalkeepers.

PUMA Ultra football boots

ULTRA football boots

The new silo predicts a new era of speed. The boots are PUMA's lightest football boots ever. Players will have an unfair advantage over their opponents. The ULTRA 1.1 is a fully engineered and extremely lightweight piece of equipment, made from MATRYXEVO technology fused with a running spike-inspired SpeedUnit outsole to create the ultimate weapon of speed.

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Der leichteste Schuh von PUMA
Light. Speed. Finishing.
Uncatchable Speed

PUMA Seeding Boxes

Grip, breathability, fit, low weight and comfort in one? Don't take it for granted, we'll test it for you! Thanks to the PUMA seeding boxes, we will do a test session for you as usual with amateur and professional goalkeepers in the KEEPERbase.
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