Varan6 - goalkeeper gloves made with passion

The new blackout edition of the KEEPERsport Varan6 Pro NC features the brand new 4mm Superglue. Exemplary cooperation with many amateur and professional goalkeepers, and our 20 years of professional experience in goalkeeping business made this happen. We have packed all the important features into the glove model in addition to the strong grip.

The 4mm Superglue is THE novelty in the history of Varan gloves. To maximize grip we have put integrated grip elements in the adhesive foam for the first time. The development of this new adhesive foam had to goals:

1. Grip for pros
Goalkeepers have to make the right decision in a split second. A ball at close range with a speed of over 100 km/h has to be fended off. The 4mm Superglue makes you prepared for even the hardest of shots. No restrictions ensured!

2. Perfect balance...
... between grip and durability has to be achived. Grip automatically means abrasion: the higher the grip, the greater the wear and tear on the adhesive foam. Affordable professional adhesive foam with improved grip properties for the general public is now available. Get strong grip at a fair price!

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A little hint:
Always keep the palm slightly moist to get the most out of it.

FREE Glove Cleaner

In order to extend the life of these gloves and sustain its extreme grip, we recommend thorough cleaning before first use. Wash your new gloves with lukewarm water and the KEEPERsport Glove Cleaner. Then let them dry for at least 24 hours on the GloveDry-Buddy. Get the most out of your goalkeeper gloves!
>> More about proper glove care


A total of 50 glove cleaners are to be gifted to you! Let us present the new Varan6 Blackouts with a giveaway of ours and get you something to clean your gloves with. Buy a pair of Varan6 Blackout goalkeeper gloves and enter the code "GLOVEcare" to get your free KEEPERsport Glove Cleaner.


The first 50 orders that enter the code are only affected! First come, first served! ;-)