Yashins career as a goalkeeper

They called him "the black spider": Lev Yashin, he was well-known all over the world. His jersey, his pants, his socks, his goalkeepergloves - everything was in black. Summertime was footballtime, and in winter playes icehockey as a KEEPER as well. He had to give up his successfull winter sports carrer in 1952 as he climbed up to number one at FC Dynamo Moscow. He inspired fans, coaches, teammate and, yeah, even the opponents were amazed about his incredible reflexes.  It was not for nothing that Yashin played his first international match for the Soviet national team at the age of 25, although he was transformed from a striker into a goalkeeper at the age of 19. 

His statistics are breathtaking: only 70 goals in 78 games for the Soviets; although it is fair to add that at his time "defensive" was almost a foreign word for coaches. There is also a rumor that Jaschin has held a total of 150 penalties throughout his career as a professional KEEPER- an incredible rate!

Some successes of Jaschin:

  • >> 5x Soviet Champion with FC Dynamo Moscow
  • >> KEEPER of the 20th century
  • >> olympic champion 1956
  • >> european champion 1960
  • >> first and only goalkeeper winning Ballon D'Or (1963)

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