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These are our top 11 products according to popularity

You've probably wondered which KEEPERsport products are the most popular. What are the best selling goalkeeper gloves? Which textiles are the most popular? What is the most popular goalkeeping equipment? Take a look at our 11 most popular products:


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11: KEEPERsport Underpants Powerpadded ¾

The Powerpadded Underpants 3/4 is one of our absolute bestsellers because it convinces on all lines. Its numerous features have been specially adapted to the needs of modern goalkeepers. Don't believe us, try it yourself!

The powerpedded level of protection also gives you the best possible protection on your knees. Thanks to the padding in the sensitive areas, the underpants are particularly abrasion-resistant and durable.

The "KeepItAll" waistband ensures a perfect fit and prevents the undershorts from slipping during your session.

The Powerpadded padding is our strongest protection and STILL you get to keep your freedom of movement! With this padding, your hips are optimally protected, even on hard surfaces.

10: KEEPERsport Varan7 Champ NC Aqua

Fight damp and wet weather with the brand new Varan7 goalkeeper gloves designed for special conditions. The Varan7 Champ NC Aqua special model reduces the risk of the so-called "slippery fingers" when it is raining cats and dogs. Aqua makes goalkeepers happy :)

The Varan7 goalkeeper gloves from KEEPERsport make goalkeepers better! The Varan7 Champ NC model is on of the most comfortable goalkeeper gloves ever. You will fall in love with the aqua model of the Varan7 collection for sure.

9: KEEPERsport Varan7 Premier Resist NC

This Varan7 Premier NC is the ideal goalkeeper glove model for artificial turf and hard court games. Its extremely durable and abrasion-resistant adhesive foam even grants a good grip! The black & green design is a novelty in this range.

The 3mm Resist Claw is the perfect balance between good grip and durability. The robust, abrasion-resistant palm foam makes these gloves ideal for artificial turf and hard court.

8: KEEPERsport Undershorts PowerPadded

The KEEPERsport Undershorts Powerpadded are the proper equipment for training of soft grass. Protect your hips with the Powerpadded padding. The "ANNUALskin" gives you a comfortable and perfect comfort in all weather conditions. These durable GK-undershorts were made using a breathable and comfortable material thanks to the VENTILATION ZONE system. The "KeepItAll" waistband lets you adjust the fit and prevent slipping during your training session.

7: KEEPERsport Varan7 Pro NC Gamechanger

The Varan7 Pro goalkeeper gloves by KEEPERsport are the most comfortable gloves thanks to their very tight negative cut. The Varan7 goalkeeper gloves are real game-changers! Each and every glove model from this collection belong to the lightest and most comfortable gloves on the market. Goalkeepers need the best stability on the wrist. These gloves now feature the newest innovation from our R&D team: the neoprene strap. It grants you optimal hold in every situation.

6: KEEPERsport Glove Cleaner

The KEEPERsport glove cleaner is your ideal goalkeeper glove cleaner. The adhesive foam needs special care to maintain the optimal grip properties as long as possible.Latex is an extremely fragile material. For this reason, particularly careful care is essential for goalkeeper gloves. In order to achieve the best grip, dirt needs to be removed as quickly as possible. You can wash your gloves with warm water (max. 40 ° C) and a glove cleaner.

5: KEEPERsport GK Top Regskin

The KEEPERsport Training Top RegSkinshort-sleeve is your go-to trainig top when it comes to wet weather. The modern cut consists of the high-quality RegSkin material. It is breathable, wind- and water-proof - and warm, thanks to the mesh material inside. All these characteristics grant this top excellent breathability! It even keeps you dry and warm in the most harsh weather conditions.

Every goalkeeper that has trained in the rain knows the feeling of carrying the unnecessary extra weight that rainwater on your clothing puts on you. No more extra burden with the RegSkin products from KEEPERsport! The short-sleeve is unprecedented, it is amazing for every goalkeeper!
Thanks to its waterproof properties, no water can get in!

4: KEEPERsport Glove Bag (white)

The KEEPERsport Glove Bag is a compact goalkeeper bag with space for at least two pairs of goalkeeper gloves. Football boots also fit in this sports bag. The advantage is that the bags are super light when they are empty. Compact and practical.

Product features:
- Storage space for goalkeeper gloves and other accessories
- Synthetic leather for durability
- Compact goalkeeper bag
- Two small compartments for accessories and valuables
- A main compartment for goalkeeper gloves or football boots
- Very light when empty

3: KEEPERsport Varan7 Premier NC Gamebreaker

The Varan7 Premier NC goalkeeper gloves by KEEPERsport are the ideal trainig gloves. The robust adhesive foam and all the other features contribute to this perfect training glove. Great value!

Goalkeepers, especially children, need wrist stability. The extra-wide and strong neoprene strap serves its purpose like no other closing system. The Varan7 goalkeeper gloves are real game changers!

2: KEEPERsport Aqua Glue

The KEEPERsport Aqua Glue is an absolute innovation for the entire Goalkeeping. After several researches and evaluations of trials in the amateur, semi-professional and especially with the professional goalkeepers we were finally able to create a special "Glue" which will increase the grip of your goalkeeper gloves especially on wet weather conditions. Plus, it is water repellent at pouring rain.

1: KEEPERsport Varan7 Hero NC Gamebreaker

The Varan7 Hero NC is the go-to choice of many pro goalkeepers who prefer lightweight and flexible gloves with an extremely good grip. The modern, orange design and the knitted body material adapts individually to each hand. Don't take our word for it, try a Hero, become a Hero now

As a goalkeeper, you need the best grip in every weather condition. The 4mm Super Glue in orange has a solid professional grip formula. The sticky professional adhesive foam offers the best adhesion thanks to the additional integrated grip elements. The negative cut (NC) guarantees you a particularly close ball contact - without annoying seams. With the Varan7 Hero YOU are the hero on the field!

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