Train. Confuse. Challenge your KEEPERs.

The KEEPERdummy Mannequin takes football training to the next level. In modern training, the KEEPERdummy is almost mandatory equipment for every goalkeeper coach. Whether used by amateur or professional teams, our inflatable mannequin can be seen on almost every field.

The KEEPERdummy can be used to perform and play attacking actions, various situations in the penalty area, in standard situations such as free kicks and corners, in coordination exercises and even in tactical exercises. Because it is inflatable, it is very easy to take it with you to training camps.


    KEEPERsport KEEPERdummy

    Instructions for use:
    Fill the lower tank with about 8 liters of water.
    2. Blow up the mannequin with air.
    ATTENTION: Not too much air (max height: 205 cm) or the seams will burst.
    3. Turn the mannequin over and see if it returns to an upright position on its own. If it stops, there is not enough water in the water tank.
    4. Carry the mannequin onto the playing field using the side handles (always with 2 people).

    Technical details:
    >> Height: 205 cm
    >> Weight: 3,6 kg
    >> Weight in filled state: 8-10 kg
    >> Bottom diameter: 56 cm

     No pulling on hard surfaces (eg. concrete, stones, etc.).
    >> Special care in the winter months (empty the water tank!).
    >> Avoid strong sunlight.
    >> Not too much air (max height: 205 cm).
    >> Avoid sharp objects (eg. studs, nails, broken glass, etc.).

Here are some suggestions to use in goalkeeper training:

Partner clubs:
- Italy national team
- Manchester United
- FC Liverpool
- Paris Saint German
- Chelsea FC
- Juventus
- Seattle Sounders FC
- Hertha BSC Berlin
- Everton Football Club
- Lazio
- Borussia Mönchengladbach
- Austria national team
- Ajax Amsterdam
- Benfica
- Swansea City AFC
- Wolverhampton Wanderers
- FC Basel
- Inter Miami CF
- Hungary national team
- FC Lorient
- SV Werder Bremen
- Southampton Football Club
- FC Augsburg
- Parma Calcio
- HNK Rijeka
- FC Schalke 04
- SK Rapid Wien

Instruction of use

1. Fill up the tank with approximately 8 litres of water
2. Inflate the KEEPERdummy with an air compressor
3. Tip the KEEPERdummy over to the ground
4. If it doesn‘t return to an upright position, fill up air again
5. Carry the Dummy with the handles on each side


  • Don‘t pump too much air in it (max. high: 2.10 metres)
  • Avoid hard or spiky objects. Do not drag the KEEPERdummy over any hard surface (asphalt, gravel)
  • Store the KEEPERdummy dry and without water in it (not below +10°C). Use anti-freeze in winter. Avoid strong and direct sunlight or fluctuating temperatures
  • Adjust the KEEPERdummy to the outside temperatures for about 15 minutes before using

Technical Details:

  • Height: 205cm
  • Weight: 3,6 kg
  • Loaded weight: 25 kg
  • Bottom diameter: 56 cm