Austrian Innovation made in Germany - The innovative stud - system with the exceptional price -/ performance ratio! #changethegame The brands name GRPS [grips] is not a shortcut but an intelligent pun to express the creativity and performance of the brand. It consists of two terms which are very important in Sport namely Grip and Grips. This Newcomer GRPSTAR [gripstar] have a high innovative studs - system which leads you to great performance on all kind of turfs and weather conditions. A big advantage compared to standard studs is the reduction of abrasion. So it's time to think about your studs as well!

Long Durance
- High quality Aluminium / Steel combination
- Resilience

Perfect Traction
- Optimized geometry of the studs
- Deep soak in to the ground

Maximal Flexibility
- Easy height adjustment
- Individual adjustment on all ground conditions

Reduced Pressure
- Ideal Pressure Allocation
- Improved Running Behaviour