The best saves of the World Cup 2018

The World Cup 2018 is over! Hugo Lloris (31) led the Equipe Tricolore to the second World Cup Title after 1998. "Ups and Downs" of the goalkeepers were dominating this tournament. But we love to remember that perfect save from Hugo Lloris (FRA) in the quarter final against Uruguay when he jumped to the near post to save the header of Martin Cáceres. Or Jordan Pickford (24/ENG) who had a magnificent Last-Minute Save against Columbia. And not to forget Hanne Halldórsson (34/ ICE) who saved the penalty against Lionel Messi. But still, we have to be careful... we memorize those saves because of our emotions! We should let the stats speak instead of our emotions:


Numbers are not lying - all stats of the WC Goalkeeper

40 Goalkeeper, 32 Nations - How did that happen? That's easy - injuries, like the Egyptian goalkeeper El Shenawy of many substitutions because of bad games like Willy Caballero's (ARG) against Croatia. Nevertheless we had the luck to see 8 different glove brands.

NIKE and adidas had each 11 goalkeeper's as ambassadors in Russia. And NIKE had the most playing minutes on the pitch:
1) NIKE: 4080 Minutes (34%)
2) adidas: 2970 Min. (25%)
3) uhlsport 2160 Min. (18%)
4) PUMA 1530 Min. (13%)
The most remarkable thing about that is uhlsport against uhlsport Final! Hugo Lloris with his custom made version "aerored Supergrip Lloris" and Danijel Subasic with the uhlsport aerored Absolutgrip goalkeeper gloves.

The "Golden Glove Award" for the best goalkeeper of the tournament went to Thibaut Courtois (BEL), who plays NIKE. And with Belgium he made it to the 3rd place ahead of England. He managed to have 3 clean sheets and concede only 6 goals. And with 27 saves he deserves the Number 1!

This stat leads to about 3,9 saves per game - very strong. Compared to this: the average was 2,79 saves per game (in total 356).
David de Gea had the worst result! He managed to save just one shoot during the whole tournament! The worst result since 1966!

Let's go to the pass rate: the average pass rate of all goalkeepers was 69%. With in total 3471 played passes 2443 passes were reached their target. Goalkeeper's played about 26 passes per game. The 3 best passers were Manuel Neuer (95%), Ryan (92%) and Alisson Becker (91%).

The Fitness also played a big part at this tournament. All goalkeeper's in total did a distance of 531 km which leads to an average 3,99 km per goalkeeper per game. Astonishing fact: Jordan Pickford made the most kilometres (5,84km/game) and 40,9 km in total, while David de Gea only managed to do 2,98 km per game.


France vs. Croatia - The two Finalists compared


Hugo Lloris (FRA) 

Age: 31
Glove brand: uhlsport
Model: aerored Supergrip Lloris
Club: Tottenham Hotspur (ENG)
Games: 7 
Clean sheets: 4 
Goals conceded: 6 
Saves: 13


Danijel Subasic (CRO)

Age: 33
Glove brand: uhlsport
Model: aerored Absolutgrip 
Club: AS Monaco (FRA)
Games: 7
Clean sheets: 2 
Goals conceded: 9
Saves: 17

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