All you ever wanted to know about Latex!

From now on you don’t have to throw away your goalkeeper gloves. Thanks to this Blog – exclusively for KEEPER – the durability will be extended extremely. We are providing you an exclusive enlightenment about the latex on your glove.

Goalkeeper gloves nowadays are changing constantly. It doesn’t matter if it’s about the cut, design or weight –  a lot of things are happening to provide you an even better and efficient gloves. The thing is: Latex is the crucial thing that decides about success and durability. Different innovations are not the main issue, it’s the latex which is the indicator for a good or perfect Goalkeeper Glove.

You have two different types of how the palm and latex layers are structured. First of all, our recommendation is to have a at least 3,5mm palm on the surface to have an ideal grip. But, an important notice is: the softer the latex, the better the grip and the thicker the latex, the better protection.

But you shouldn’t forget that the abrasion of the grip increases with a softer palm. The advantage of a of a harder palm is the resilience and in this case the durability. A thinner latex layer increases the flexibility and the control of the ball. But if you prefer a bigger protection of your glove you should consider a thicker latex than the soft one.

Out current model, the Varan5 in all versions and designs is providing you with 4 very popular latex palms which are ensuring you the perfect grip you need:

Super White Claw

This is our Top palm! With a 4mm palm you will have the guarantee of a tremendous grip on all weather conditions. Reviews are also proving wrong in case of the durability which is also high despite of this soft but thick palms.

White Claw

One of the most popular palms at KEEPERsport, and also our Professional Goalkeeping partner’s favourite! A very good grip, especially on dry conditions. Our reviews are showing the excellent grip also on wet conditions – with a 4mm palm as well.

Aqua Claw

A sensational palm, especially on moist and wet conditions. Our special palm with 4mm gives you a tremendous grip even if the weather outside is against you. This good resilience is the indicator for a high durability, in this case a very good palm for artificial turf.


Our 4mm Supersoft palm is a high quality palm which has a very good price -/ performance ratio. This palm deserves the respect of being a very resilient and all conditions palm. Very good for training.


Alles über Latex

To keep your gloves and your palm clean and with the best performance possible, you need to have the "Wash Revive Bundle" which is combining three very cool cleaning products – a must have for every goalkeeper. With the "Glove Glu", "Glove Wash" and a micro fibre towel you are perfectly prepared for keeping your glove and palm as good as it was from the beginning. 


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