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Wear the gloves & boots of professional goalkeepers Manuel Neuer, Marco Andrè ter Stegen and Co. The brand new adidas X Speedflow, there is a technical novelty in addition to the already established Predator Freak and Copa Sense models. In the #KeepItAllBlog you always stay up to date in the goalkeeping world.


The Predator Pro NC goalkeeper gloves  are very comfortable gloves. These gloves are belong to our top sellers. The light and comfortable glove will surely perform as needed. The URG 2.0 foam offers fantastic grip and shock absorbtion qualities, guaranteed to enhance any keepers performance.

The animal-like demonskin elements have been reworked and redesigned. They are now better adapted to the needs of modern goalkeepers. Fewer and rearranged control elements made of silicone grant you ball control when punching. The absence of a strap should not dissuade you from getting these gloves. adidas pro goalkeepers trust adidas' strapless gloves, they have the optimal fit and hold thanks to the flexible Next Generation Knitted material.

The knitted backhand is made of reworked, reinvented and redesigned material in combination with the completely new Single Piece Gussets, which harmonize perfectly with the new palm, grant even more natural ball contact on the fingers. This gives you the ultimate grip and maximum control.


BE FIRST TO THE BALL. - Be the first on the ball.
adidas X Pro gloves are about speed. The minimalist design suggest no useless features and design elements. Pure performacne, grip, comfort and light.

The URG 2.0 foam and a 3D palm design meet 2-layer latex for improved damping resulting in an amazing grip. Feel the vacuum fit negative cut and the ultra-lightweight and flexible mesh that offers great ventilation.


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