Step into the World of RETRO with KEEPERsport! We're blending two decades of design and goalkeeper expertise to unveil the stunning Varan7 Retro Collection. Over the next 4 weeks, we'll gradually reveal all models from Varan6 to Varan1. Each model is a nostalgic tribute to a past Varan collection. We're counting down from 6 to 1 - so stay tuned and explore the timeless elegance and proven quality that has distinguished us over the years.

But don't hesitate too long, because this collection is strictly limited! Get ready to embark on a journey through time with us, as we look back at KEEPERsport's history and simultaneously propel ourselves into the future of goalkeeping. Here, you'll get a glimpse into our origins and the start of our incredible journey.

  • Varan1 Champ GC

    The Varan1 Champ GC Retro is the dazzling climax of our retro collection. These goalkeeper gloves pay homage to our early Varan designs while delivering top-tier performance on the field. RETRO design, state of the art, up to date technology combined!

  • Varan2 Champ Power

    This exclusive retro model is perfect for all goalkeepers who prefer the hybrid cut. The combination of the negative and roll finger cuts will make for an outstanding fit. They are not only a must-have for goalkeepers but also a desirable  collector's item for all football fans.

    Discover the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with our strictly limited Retro Pack!

  • Varan3 Champ NC Aqua

    The Varan3 Champ NC Aqua has been designed with attention to detail to revive the nostalgia of past times. What truly convinces about this glove is undoubtedly the 4mm Aqua Claw. This professional palm foam has been developed to provide you with the absolute best grip even in wet weather conditions.

    This model was created to maximize your skills while preserving the nostalgia of a past era. You will feel the difference on the field and enjoy the best grip in all conditions.

  • Varan4 Champ RC

    If you prefer the regular cut (RC) above all, this is your go-to goalkeeper glove model The special feature of this cut is the increased contact area. Lest we forget about the superb and robust adhesive foam that the Varan4 Retro brings to the table. Intensive goalkeeper training is where this glove excels.

    RETRO is all about honoring the past and the feeling of nostalgia. We add the spice of modern technology in order not to lose any performance.

  • Varan5 Champ NC

    Introducing the Varan5 Champ NC: where classic design meets cutting-edge technology. We've breathed new life into the iconic 2017 Varan collection, elevating it to our current standards of excellence. The striking red and white model, equipped with the 4mm Supreme White Claw, ensures unbeatable grip in any weather condition. It's time to experience it for yourself!

    Our exclusive collection is constantly evolving, with new additions every week. Don't let the opportunity slip through your fingers – seize the chance to add these one-of-a-kind goalkeeper gloves to your collection.

  • Varan6 Champ NC

    Introducing the Varan6 Champ NC, the first goalkeeper glove from our brand-new Retro Collection. At first glance, the design of the Varan6 Shadow Warrior collection catches your eye. But this glove is more than just a nod to the past. It has been carefully reimagined and brought up to our modern standards, ensuring top-tier performance. What sets this model apart is the use of our premium and most resilient palm foam - the 4mm Super Glue. This provides unparalleled grip and ball control, no matter the conditions on the field.

    Experience for yourself how the Varan6 Champ NC not only impresses with its striking design but also delivers top-notch performance. Get your hands on this glove and immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation!