KEEPERsport palm foam pro tips

For most amateur and professional goalkeepers, the palm foam is the most important thing when it comes to goalkeeper gloves. Features are nice but at the end of the day the grip is what it comes down to. To help you pick the best adhesive foam, we tried and tested the top palm foams of all our Varan6 goalkeeper glove models.

What is the structure of an adhesive foam?
An adhesive foam consists of a foam layer and a latex layer. The foam is responsible for shock absorption (a.k.a damping), the latex for the grip. How these are developed vary. To guarantee optimal grip, we recommend a latex thickness of at least 3.5 millimeters.

Palm foam structure

Shock absoprtion - more important than grip?

The thicker the foam layer, the better the protection against impact. On the other hand, a thinner layer grants you more flexibility and thus better ball control. Since our palm foams are developed in close cooperation with pro goalkeepers we use damping lamination layers that have been tested at the highest level and found to be very good.

Find the perfect grip
The basic principle is: the softer the latex, the better the grip. The better the grip, the shorter the lifespan of the palm. Sounds complicated? It is not! Every contact with an external force (ball, finger, Velcro fastener, cord, etc.) contributes to the abrasion of the latex. The wear and tear is higher if your glove has a softer mixture of plastic particles and a water-like liquid. In return, your glove will last longer with a harder latex layer. it is similar how brakes on cars work: there is friction and abrasion between the tires and the road surface.

KEEPERsport palm foams

KEEPERsport Varan6 Super White Claw

Our absolute top palm foam, recommended for professional games! The 4mm thick latex layer and the specially incorporated damping lamination layer both guarantee outstanding grip in all weather conditions. The 4mm Super White Claw has an extremely soft particle mix and grants you the best grip we have to offer. Pro & amateur goalkeepers reported them to be suprisingly durable as well when taking into account that this is a premium quality, extra soft & thick adhesive foam.

Our rating:

Rating of the Super White Claw

Goalkeeper gloves with the 4mm Super White Claw

4mm Superglue

The 4mm Superglue is THE novelty in the history of Varan gloves. To maximize grip we have put integrated grip elements in the adhesive foam for the first time. The development of this new adhesive foam had to goals:

1. Grip for pros
Goalkeepers have to make the right decision in a split second. A ball at close range with a speed of over 100 km/h has to be fended off. The 4mm Superglue makes you prepared for even the hardest of shots. No restrictions ensured!

2. Perfect balance...
... between grip and durability has to be achived. Grip automatically means abrasion: the higher the grip, the greater the wear and tear on the adhesive foam. Affordable professional adhesive foam with improved grip properties for the general public is now available. Get strong grip at a fair price!

A little hint:
Always keep the palm slightly moist to get the most out of it.

Our rating

Rating of the 4mm Superglue

Goalkeeper gloves with 4mm Superglue

4mm White Claw

Many KEEPERsport professionals love it! This abrasion-resistant adhesive foam offers a really good feeling of grip, especially in dry conditions. Reports of usage from our community report that it offers great grip even in wet conditions.

Our rating

Rating of the 4mm White Claw

Goalkeeper gloves with White Claw

4mm Black Claw

The 4mm palm foam also comes in black! It is a very good choice for your training sessions or games as well. It offers very strong grip! Many professional goalkeepers have been trusting the high-quality 4mm Black Claw for years now. The great durability - especially when taking into account its grip - is convincing.

Our rating

Rating of the 4mm Black Claw

Goalkeeper gloves with 4mm Black Claw

4mm Aqua Claw

The 4mm Aqua Claw is a sensational adhesive foam, especially for use in wet weather. Despite its extraordinary robustness, it is not suitable for artificial turf in dry conditions.

Tip for dry conditions:
To get the most out of this palm foam, always keep the palm slightly moist.

Our rating

Rating of the 4mm Aqua Claw

Goalkeeper gloves with 4mm Aqua Claw

4mm Supersoft

The 4mm Supersoft is a surprisingly high-quality palm foam that is an all-rounder in every weather condition. Its great price-performance ratio and amazing durability, these goalkeeper gloves are loyal companions for training.

Our rating

Rating of the 4mm Supersoft

Goalkeeper gloves with 4mm Supersoft

Service & Support

Proper glove care

Proper glove care
Don't toss your goalkeeper gloves carelessly into the washing machine after the game! The grip of new goalkeeper gloves is simply indescribable. A real dream for every goalkeeper! To ensure these grip properties last longer, we recommend thorough cleaning before the first use. Find out more here.

Goalkeeper glove cuts

Which cut suits me?
In addition to the classic cuts such as negative cut, regular cut and rolled finger cuts, there are also several variations of the increasingly popular hybrid cut. Lets look at these cuts with the help of the Varan6 gloves. Click here to find out more.

Goalkeeper glove models

Find the best glove model for you

There are countless goalkeeper glove models worldwide. They differ in materials, design and above all of these: prices. It isn't easy keeping track of so many models. Let us guide you to a Varan6 model that perfectly suits you.

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