The latest trend: "Ergonomic Supergrip" by uhlsport

In 2015 uhlsport goalies wear the "Ergonomic Line" in black and orange. Those generally somewhat wider cut gloves have been re-worked in many aspects. The result is more wearing comfort and a much larger area for direct contact with the ball. Apart from that numerous new technical features will amaze you: the sensational SUPERGRIP palm, the innovative 360° wrap, a wrist which is angeld by 25 degrees and the "High-Rebound-foam" within the SHOCKZONE – The ideas of German glove makers seem endless.

We also stock matching apparel, to make sure you appearance will be black and orange from top to bottom: Combine shirt, pants, socks and glovebag with the new Ergonomic gloves.

… foam with even better grip!

The innovative Supergrip palm from uhlsport is designed to offer 16% more grip and better resistance against abrasion. It is sticky at top perfromance level, even in the most demanding conditions, similar to uhlsport's previous palm, the Absolutgrip+. Its extended life-span, however, provides you with better value for money.

Uhlsport Ergonomic supergrip

Watch the stars showing off in orange