RE:LOAD enters a new level of goalkeeper gloves

Apart from the green creature, the Reusch Football Collection 2015 will come up with the new Reusch Re:load line, a totally revised Core Function line. Still classic and reduced in colors and design, these gloves provide a very fresh look as well as more function and technology than ever before. So no matter if you prefer the creepy or the classical way, the new Reusch Football Collection 2015 got it all! Come on in, unleash the creature and get to know the creature inside of yourself!

Flex & Fuse Strap

reusch RE:LOAD Flex & Fuse Strap

This high quality strap is used for the top gloves of the new Re:load line. It combines a flex strap and a thin fuse strap for a extremely flexible and comfortable fit of the glove. It fixes the glove perfectly to your wrist.

Seamless Neoprene Cuff

reusch RE:LOAD Seamless Neoprene Cuff

This neoprene cuff is following the shape of the human wrist and avoids any bothering seams in this area. Supporting the ergonomic fit, the glove becomes more flexible and comfortable to wear. Its resistance is as well increased. This cuff is basically used for A2 and X1 styles as well as for the top style of the new Re:load line.

Dura Diveguard

reusch RE:LOAD Dura Diveguard

The Dura Diveguard™ places a zone of padded material on the outside of the glove to offer protection to the area on the hand most likely to come into contact with the ground when making a diving save.

Reusch RE:LOAD #KsEdition