• The Creature Inside

The Creature Inside

Obscure, mysterious and fascinating - It’s time to let the new creature out of the Reusch laboratory! Still sleeping in the darkness, the yet unknown creature is waiting to make its presence, to influence and to conquer international soccer fields. Quietly crawling out of its lair, it will excite you, baring its skills and intentions. As quick and athletic as a lizard, the creature creeps up to teach competitors the meaning of fear! Equipped with fully developed instincts and a highly functional body it is willing to fight. Its body and brain work in perfect symbiosis. Imposing and animalistic, clever and agile - The new Reusch Re:ceptor line is seizing the power in 2015! Acting like a smart animal, the Re:ceptor will support every goalkeeper in freeing the creature inside of himself! Part of this very new goalkeeper glove line are styles with totally new technological features and functions for very specific needs. Apart from the green creature, the Reusch Soccer Collection 2015 will come up with the new Reusch Re:load line, a totally revised Core Function line. Still classic and reduced in colors and design, these gloves provide a very fresh look as well as more function and technology than ever before.

Reusch Re:Ceptor, getragen von vielen Profitorhütern