What kind of goalkeeper are you? Modern? Young? Insane? Provocative? Cool? Addicted to goalkeeping? Or a little bit of everything? If yes, then you've come to the right place! Professional stuff without "frills" & unnecessary features and overpriced accessories. Get pure performance!

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The young brand of rehab has done it again: they launched a completely new, never seen before collection. rehab Tactics and Mechanic will grant you the attention you deserve.

No unnecessary features, no more overpriced accessories. Get your desired service at the fairest price.

Master-Grip - Clutch Grip 4

Two of our top models are equipped with CG4 professional palm foam. The integrated damping and the excellent latex ensures the best grip in both dry and wet conditions. The bang for the buck and the mega grip makes these goalkeeper gloves great match gloves. Get the hottest grip now.

P.S .: You won't find a better grip at this price anywhere! Now also available in a set.

Train like a beast - with style

Training textiles such as goalkeeper pants or padded underwear are essential for goalkeeper training. Since many other of these training outfits bring little or no style to the table, rehab has designed an extremely trendy training collection. The padded, long and 3/4 pants - but above all the goalkeeper underwear - are available in gray and black. Available for everyone:

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Confuse the strikers

The exclusive #Confusion collection is now even fresher, more extreme and just got even crazier! Confuse the strikers with a very special match outfit! Get matching goalkeeper gloves too.


Negative cut. Premium grip. Silicone backhand.
Three quality certificates that ensure that our premium model "Extreme CG3" is premium not only in its name. However, these do not make the goalkeeper glove extreme. In order to live up to the name, we are launching a real attack full of colors: each glove fits all goalkeeper jerseys from the current collections from NIKE and adidas.

Clean & Go

Our goalkeeper glove cleaner is the ideal tool for glove care. The sensitive latex needs special care in order to maintain the optimal grip properties for as long as possible. With a special finger atomizer for economical use of the detergent.

Suggested use:
1. Moist the gloves with lukewarm water.
2. Spray the gloves and spread it well.
3. Rinse thoroughly with water.
4. Dry in the air

Learn more about ideal glove care here.

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