Premier Sock Tape

Premier Sock Tape is made from a soft polyvinyl chloride composite material which allows a significant stretch helping to reduce the tourniquet affect that other products may inflict. Keeping your socks up and your shin and ankle protection in place is very important, Premier Sock Tape does this perfectly and is the most medically correct sock tape in the world. It leaves no adhesive residue on the socks.

Sock Tapes / Kinesiology Tapes

Breite: 19mm
Länge pro Rolle: 33m

Premier Sock Tape 38mm

Länge: 38mm
Länge pro Rolle: 20m

PST Shinguard Pro Wrap 7.5 cm

Breite: 75mm
Länge pro Rolle: 4.5m


Breite: 50mm
Länge pro Rolle: 5m

PST Finger Tape 5 cm / Joint Mapping Tape 2.5 cm

Zinc Oxide Tapes
Finger Wrist Tapes

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