We would like to introduce you to our NEWCOMER in our range of goalkeeper gloves, ELITE. As a producer for high-class gloves, ELITE fulfils all aspects in being a successful brand. Passion, quality and cost effectiveness is essential for suppliers to work with us.

ELITE's origin is USA. They already managed to be successful in this huge market and this success goes back to the appreciation and satisfaction ELITE were able to get from its customers. A secret to this success is definitely the quality. On one hand the processing of the gloves is excellent and on the other hand the outstanding palm, which has a high durability without losing grip. All of the ELITE gloves are produced from goalkeepers for goalkeepers, and the main focus is to rely on the basics and the functionality and that's where they are good at. For example, they left out the half-sizes, which are not necessary at ELITE's gloves, because they use a certain Cut-Feature which allow perfectly adapts to the hand. ELITE - STICK TO YOUR GOAL!