Top quality? Incredible comfort? Best performance? So what's the news?!

KEEPERsport is more than the sum of those features. Start a new life with us. Give everything, feel the spirit, party like you have never done before, live for the moment, make it count, never give up and whatever you do: Remember to Keep. It. All.

This great lifestyle is the philosophy of #KeepItAll, many new goalkeeper products from our own production will be equipped with it. The first products from this trendy range of products are already available for purchase, the complete #KeepItAll range will be available in February 2015. #KeepItAll embodies an outright positive attitude also besides the goal area and includes all beautiful and emotional moments, the experienced and still coming, memorable experiences around family, friends, parties, adventures, sports...

New products:

New undershorts

New tops and shirts

New Ks equipment

New pants

New features of our goalkeeper pants:

  • AntiSlip Double-Waistband

    AntiSlip Double-Waistband

    Innovative double-waistband guarantees triple protection against annoying slippage of the pants. In addition to the standard waistband with draw cord, a second, elastic waistband is built-in for a perfect fit without slipping.

  • RobustPads


    The embossed foam padding is anatomically pre-shaped without using seams and coated from durable Kevlar. Irritating seams are thus superfluous and therefore can no longer tear. Kevlar is a durable fabric for longer length of life and suitable for use on hard surfaces and artificial grass.

  • Semi-Flex-Cuffs


    All 3/4 pants or trousers from our own production are equipped with special semiflex cuffs for a perfect non-slip fit under the knees or ankles.

  • Embossed FoamPads

    Embossed FoamPads

    The embossed foam padding is anatomically pre-shaped without using seams. Irritating seams are thus superfluous and therefore can no longer tear. This method does not only improve the protection but also the design.

  • Pants Protection

    Pants Protection

    Shape and placement of our padding on knees and hips, were anatomically placed on key areas after extensive testing with amateur and professional goalkeepers. This solution provides protection at key points without losing mobility.

  • Side Flex-Zones

    Side Flex-Zones

    On the sides are installed elastic reinforcements, which somehow emphasize the physical form of the thighs and improve freedom of movement and comfort.

  • FibreSkin


    High quality and durable polyester textile material is very comfortable to wear and provides the necessary flexibility. FibreSkin wicks away moisture and keeps the body dry and comfortable in all weather.

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