KEEPERsport Varan6 Pro RC 4FS #ProjectV6

  • Goalkeeper Gloves: KEEPERsport Varan6 Pro RC 4FS #ProjectV6 White
  • Goalkeeper Gloves: KEEPERsport Varan6 Pro RC 4FS #ProjectV6 White - 1
  • Goalkeeper Gloves: KEEPERsport Varan6 Pro RC 4FS #ProjectV6 White - 2
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The #ProjectV6 success continues! This time all in white and with a variety of exciting glove models, like the Varan6 Pro RC 4FS here! 

Selected professional goalkeeper's have been playing and testing with the unique and strictly limited models for some time now. Now you can be part of the very first Varan6! 

Those special models come with their own exclusive serial number, so each model is an unique piece! 

"Regular Cut" - to increase the grip area, we have made the layers of foam. This guarantees the best possible latex contact even if the glove is unintentionally twisted during the catching process! 

"4mm Super White Claw" - Our top product that guarantees a truly outstanding grip on all types of balls on any weather condition and on any surface at any time. Many reports also speak of a surprisingly long service life for this rather soft premium foam 

Glove Body/Entry: 
- For the glove body or the bandage a light, comfortable, but nevertheless damping and stabilizing neoprene was used 

- The latex strap offers a perfect fit and excellent comfort 

- "4 Finger Stability": Light and flexible, yet stable finger support system designed according to the anatomy of the sensitive joints and tendons on the most sensitive parts of any goalkeeper's body. All four fingers fixed, except of the thumb 

Print available!

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