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With an exciting new topic adidas is preparing for the most important part of the season, in this case with the Predator 18.1 SG from the #DeadlyStrike-Pack. With its fantastic design in a combination with the usual technical innovation of the predecessors you are turning your box in to a danger zone, your danger zone.

He is quiet but deadly. On hard ground, on the street, in your face. Hi is dominating wherever and whenever he wants and will attack anybody who is in his way. He is COLD BLOODED! 

This top model is another fine Highlight in terms of the perfect football shoe from adidas. With its innovations and modern mix sole for soft deep turf. Goalkeepers with exceptional technical skill will enjoy the play the most. 

That's the reason why world class goalkeeper like Manuel Neuer (Bayern München/Germany), David de Gea (Manchester United/Spain), Iker Casillas (FC Porto/Spain), Kevin Trapp (PSG/Germany), Marc-André ter Stegen (FC Barcelona/Germany), Loris Karius (FC Liverpool (Germany), Keylor Navas (Real Madrid/Costa Rica), Mile Svilar (Benfica Lissabon/Belgium) or Claudio Bravo (Manchester City/Chile) believe in shoes made by adidas. 

Product details: 
- Perfect fit and possibilities of movement thanks to the sock construction and the flexible compression material 
- "Primeknit - upper material" for a perfect control of the ball thanks to special woven zones 
- Ideal grip thanks to Dots on the top of the instep 
- Perfect ball control - Very light and new designed mixed out sole for perfect grip, speed and best stability 
- Upper material: Synthetic innovation 
- Lining: Made of high tech textile fibres 
- Innovative nub sole; perfect for soft and deep turf; a perfect match to our top goalkeeper glove! 

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